Leckage Protection - Questions and Answers

Water Leak Detection - what is it ?

Water is life! But water can also be the root-cause of frustration, dirt, trash or loss of the home.  A few numbers. Worldwide every year more than 25 Bill. US-Dollar are paid out by insurance companies to over cost of water leak damage. However, this is only 60 % of the real cost of a water leak and only 2/3 of all households in western countries have insurance coverage for their home. In the US alone more than 1 Trillion ( gallons of water are wasted due to leakage in private homes. 11 Mio. homes are impacted ever year.  Water Leak Detection Systems detect water leaks, shut off the water and inform the homeowner.

How does a Water Leak Detection System work?

Every complete and professional leakage protection system follows the same basic strategy:

Sense -> Decide -> Act -> Inform.

Different sensors in the home and on the water distribution system detect anomalies in the water supply. Either within the sensor or in a central control system the sensor data is analyzed and in case of a potential water problem the water is shut off and the homeowner is informed. Most systems will issue warnings in case a leak may be detected but there is still uncertainty.

Why are different sensors needed for a water leak detection system?

Leak Detection Systems have two basic types of sensors strategy:

  • sensing the presence of water near a sensor and
  • sensing the flow of water in the pipe.

Detecting the presence of water on an otherwise dry place with a flood sensor  (under a washing machine, below the sink, ...) is a clear indication of a water problem unless some wet cleaning is going on. However, most of the pipes are mounted inside walls and sensors cannot be placed there. also placing a water presence sensor on every possible location in the home is not a suitable way. Detecting the water flow using a flow sensor such as the Aqua Scope pressure sensor allows finding other malfunctions such as faulty toilet flappers or tiny leaks in the pipe in the wall. The challenge of flow sensors is to differentiate malfunction from normal water take for watching, drinking and cleaning.

Why is a self-installed system the better leak detection system?

Most Leak Detection Systems require a certified installer or plumber to be installed. He will cut into the pipe near the main shut-off valve and install the system. This increases the cost of installation, creates a point-of-no-return and additionally weakens the water pipe system. Every connection in the water pipe system is a point where a leak can happen. Aqua-Scope avoid any cutting of a pipe. The flood sensor is placed on convenient locations and the motor servos, both Ball Valve and Gate Valve, are placed on top of an already existing shut-off valve. You can do this in few minutes and - in case you move - you can remove the system easily and without any damage.