WiFi / LoRaWAN Water Pressure Sensor

The Aqua-Scope water pressure sensor a monitors water pressure and report the value plus the ambient temperature of the device to the Aqua-Scope Cloud via WiFi or directly into a LoRaWAN network. The recording interval can be selected between 2 ms and 256 seconds. A lower and an upper threshold can be defined to issue alarms in case the pressure gets too high or too low.
The device equals in hardware and firmware to the Aqua-Scope Monitor device but during installation and setup the recording-mode can be selected and certain additional configuration options will appear in the Aqua-Scope App.

When connected using WiFI the device can be monitored using the Aqua-Scope Mobile App. An cloud REST - API allows integration into third party IoT systems.  TTN and some other public LoRaWAN networks support the device out of the box with customized user interface.

Pressure Sensor Head

The pressure sensor measures the absolute water pressure in the water pipe. It must be installed via a 1/5 inch thread either directly in an inspection opening or via a T-connector to the 3/8 inch connection of an edge valve.

  • Connection to Water Pipe: 1/4 inch (G1/4)
  • Pressure Range: 0 ... 10 MPa (0 ... 10 bar)
  • Acceptable Over Pressure: 20 MPa
  • ADC Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sample Frequency: 1000 Hz ( one sample every 1 ms)
  • Temperature Range: -10 ... + 50 C Celsius
  • Water Proof: IP 65

Wireless Connectivity

The pressure sensor can communicate with a server via LoRaWAN as a Class A device as well as via WIFI. Besides the pressure data, the ambient temperature is also transmitted.


 AQSWIE: Water Pressure Sensor with WiFI + LoRaWAN  communication

Please note that this SKU is also valid for ordering an Aqua-Scope monitor. When installed, a decision is made between the "Sensor" and "Water Monitor" operating modes.